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The Blog on the Extreme Survival

"Survival is the strongest instinct of the human being. In an extreme situation to be prepared and capable it will not be enough. You'll have to have the right mental attitude! Reflect, have cold-blood, adapt, find solutions to the problems and obstacles, but especially knowing how to choose well and quickly, will be the conditions that will make you survive longer."

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 HOW TO SURVIVE ON A DESERT ISLAND If due to an air or sea accident, you able to reach a island, but unfortunately you do not find a human settlement we will explain how to survive. In the Pacific there are more than 30,000 islands and many of them are uninhabited. Currents, waves and sharks make the seas of the Pacific inhospitable, if you are a victim of a shipwreck must immediately reach the mainland to escape death. If the ship, yacht, boat, fishing boat… on which travel is victim of any accident, the advice is to take...